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May 29th
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FDA's seafood monitoring questionable

tilapia120711_optBY JANE WOODRUFF

Many experts say that fish and seafood should be eaten several times a week, because they provide so many health benefits. But much of the seafood supply is imported from other countries and may be contaminated with bacteria or chemicals.

A story on Yahoo! Health says that the FDA, which is supposed to be monitoring the safety of seafood, is only checking a small amount of imported seafood products. Imports need to be tested for drugs and unsafe chemicals which are frequently used in the processing or raising of the seafood.

About 85 percent of our seafood is imported, and other countries usually don’t have the same hygiene standards that the United States employs. As reported on Bloomberg Business Week, fish farmers in China feed their fish and shrimp pig feces. Vietnam packs their shrimp in ice made from unclean tap water. Factories can be dirty, with flies landing on the food.

The FDA also inspects overseas fish farms, but at a rate of less than 2 percent.

The best advice is to avoid fish that comes from fish farms, and look instead for wild-caught, or sustainable seafood. Natural Resources Defense Council has this terrific Sustainable Seafood Guide, which offers several good tips for choosing the best fish or seafood.


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